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Hello, my name is Johnny Bryan Giles and I am a professional business consultant, business plan and RFP writer, social media and branding strategist and published author. I own and operate multiple businesses from my home under the umbrella of Johnny Bryan Giles, a self-named sole-proprietorship I created to be the platform for my business operations. I have an impressive portfolio of work that can be reviewed on many of my newest website where I have just completely rebranded myself;


I have just formed a Limited Partnership for “Into-Reality” and will be evolving this business through 2 stages aggressively. I am excited about my future and the positive impact I can have on my cooperative partners, Clients and associates.

I have a small, however elite, Team of freelance professionals who work with me to provide fast turn-around on the products and services I offer. In addition I associate with a diversity of professionals who add value to my circle of influence and who are great assets at times for fulfilling my Client’s needs!

My YouTube videos were designed as short introductions to the products and services I offer and as I evolve my businesses so too will my marketing materials, videos and online presence. I have custom written hundreds of business presentations, plans, summaries and proposals and my custom designs and fast turn-around usually results in my products and services being in high demand.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur I have had my share of failures and I have made many mistakes in the past. I adhere to a self-imposed HIT Agreement with HIT being an abbreviation for Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. Below are two thumbnails that when clicked onto will download the pdf’s of my personal background disclosure and my HIT Agreement. I am not required to publicly share this information however I do so of my own accord to ensure those I do business with that I am honest. I bring a diversity of skills and expertise to the table of my Client’s success and I believe that honesty is the best policy!

Please take the time to visit my blogs, websites and watch my YouTube videos to learn more about me and use the Contact page on this site to communicate with me anytime! You may also see my recommendations on my LinkedIn profile and I look forward to the opportunity to associate with you!


Please visit my site for my books at;


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  1. Derrick says:

    absolutely wonderful
    Derrick 619-772-5530

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